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Is this how it happens? Do people realize that they’re over four months behind in their blogging stories so they decide to just give up and stop? I’m not going to lie, there’s definitely a risk and I’m quite worried about some of my summary posts where I put together the best pictures from the months or year but as for now, I’m still trucking!

The story for today is from our adventures in berry picking. They started with the strawberry picking we did one afternoon at Remlinger Farms. This was one of the first times we’ve been here and didn’t do the full day of activities but we still had a great time picking!
A berry old blog

We beat the rain, ran through the fields and quickly gathered a large amount of strawberries to jam.
A berry old blog1

Before we headed home, we took a quick pit stop inside and had to hop on the train for old times sake.
A berry old blog2

Then we took our pickings and headed home to make something sweet out of them. This years recipe was a spicy strawberry ginger jam that tastes delish!
A berry old blog3

What wasn’t delish was the mess of the kitchen I got to clean after the canning…
A berry old blog4

Another picking excursion was to Raising Cain Ranch for raspberries on a #FridayFunDay afternoon.
A berry old blog7

We did a lot of picking but we had some playtime as well!
A berry old blog5

At one point, Cassie was capturing pictures of me and I LOVE the way Leah turned around from picking (and clearly eating) to get into the frame with me. Obviously we can be hams if we want to be…
A berry old blog6

This is one of the millions of reasons why I adore our #FridayFunDays!
A berry old blog8

Another reason is getting an amazing picture like this.
2016-06-17 13.31.28-1

The final berry picking excursion was over a weekend in July when Cory was out of town and we headed up north to hang with our friend, Michelle. We went back to Bryant Blueberry Farm because we had such a great time at their festival last year and were determined to enjoy it again. Pony rides, face painting, balloon animals and lunch- all for a $20 entrance fee.
A berry old blog9

There was blueberry picking too, of course!
A berry old blog10

Look at our bountiful berries!
2016-07-23 14.46.22

After we were done with the day, we headed over to Michelle’s lovely lake for some water play.

A berry old blog11

The kids may have played with the water a bit more while we played with the wine.

To conclude the evening, we made some amazing grilled pizzas on Michelle’s new pizza stone and they were incredibly tasty.

The next morning was another treat when we cooked ourselves some mason jar lid pies with all of our berries.

A berry old blog12

I have no issue with pie for breakfast!
A berry old blog13

Just like luckily my kids have no issues picking blackberries while I drink wine and hold the ladder. No joke.
2016-07-28 19.35.58-1

But we spend a lot of time making wonderful masterpieces from our many berries. And it makes it all worth it in the end.
A berry old blog14

Happy berry season! (many months ago…)

Rangers Most Valuable Player

Since I have more time on my hands now, I am digging through the many archives of videos and pictures that have been piling up on me. By the way, that was sarcasm about having more time because I actually have less time since my time is being taken up with many other things which I’ll soon be able to tell you about if it gets wrapped up this week (fingers crossed!!!)

Now I’ll go back and share some of my favorite pictures from Leah’s spectacular softball season.

She really did hit her stride this season, especially with the hitting. These are my favorite hitting pictures because it looks like she had such a big hit that the gentleman watching face palmed with shock.

One of the kids favorite parts of the season is the fanfest that the teams do to kick off the games. I was in Ireland when they had this event and I heard that I missed a VERY rainy day. The girls had great attitudes and stayed through the end when they won the big bucket of candy!!!

Luckily a few of the other coaches and moms are good about having nice cameras to send me action shots of my favorite player.

I mostly get pictures in the dugout when I can stop her for one minute to smile.

As you can tell, Cassie chose not to play again this year. I’m really hoping she changes her mind for next year but it’s pretty doubtful. I told her a long time ago I wouldn’t force her to do an activity more than once so I’m following through with that but she does enjoy mooching on the parties and the snacks whenever possible.

The end of the year party was full of trophies and even framed pictures for both the players and the coaches (Cory is an assistant). He’s pretty used to being beat up by these kiddos and they did nothing different that day when they took him down by pulling on his t-shirt.

Cory was gifted with a framed collage that all of the girls in action and they signed it as well.
2016-10-09 20.16.06

Leah was given her own collage and I even made one of the photos! You can see me doing what I do best, recording every hit I possibly can.
2016-10-09 20.17.59

Here are some of her greatest hits I captured through the season:

And this montage holds a few more:

This includes videos of her running home, playing first base like a rockstar and being ready for anything:

It makes me happy to see how much this kid loves softball and I know she’s just going to improve over time.

Keep it up, Leah!!!

We Do Birthdays

I’m a big fan of birthday’s. I still find the girls birthday more fun than mine. We usually add a new birthday banner every year and decorate the whole house the morning of their big day. They also each have a bouquet of balloons waiting for them on the floor of their room.

I also saw this 8 balloon and couldn’t resist an extra purchase.

They had 8 cinnamon rolls (in the shape of 8, not the quantity of 8) and ended up opening all of their gifts before 8 in the morning. That’s what I get for having them all laid out on the table looking so tempting.
other bday

I think they were pretty happy with their mornings even though they had to go to school still.
other bday1

As I was going through pictures from their birthday, I realized I never shared the story of my special day. I had a nice birthday with the girls this year and was even joined by some friends. We started the morning off with an indulgent breakfast at Deru- which is growing to be one of my favorite restaurants (but I still need to try Little Brother).
My Bday

We carpooled together down to Northwest Trek where we spent the day looking for animals and enjoying their awesome new playground that was built this year.
My Bday1

I could barely get them to stop playing to take a picture.
Our Bday-003

They did a good job taking pictures for themselves and loved having the camera or the phone to use during our trek around the park on the shuttle bus.
bday animals1

Bison was probably the highlight but there was a baby that was also adorable.
bday animals

That evening we stopped at the Kirkland farmers market, had some lady yum macarons with a glass of wine then we went over to two new Woodinville establishments – B-Side Brewing and 20 Corners. I really liked 20 Corners and their pizza was super tasty.
My Bday3

That weekend I got some alone time with my girlfriends where we hit up a super cool speakeasy which I was very excited to get reservations to. On the girls birthday, I was a mean Mommy and went to Din Tai Fung without them to fill my belly with dumplings. Yum!
Our Bday-001

The girls had a fun birthday party also. We waited a week+ to have their party because they wanted to go to a movie and the only kid moving coming out was Storks. We carpooled with three friends down to the theatre and were met by 9 other friends we had invited.
Our Bday2

It was a bit of chaos trying to get drink orders, distribute popcorn to everyone and get us all settled but I was very glad we chose the Regal 8 Crossroads Cinema that allows us to reserve our seats. They aren’t normal seats either but super comfy recliners that allow you to kick back!
Our Bday1

As soon as we were home from the party both girls dug right in to enjoy their presents of legos and crafty fun.
Our Bday

Speaking of crafty fun, Cassie was hoping to have a painting birthday party but they are super expensive so we talked her into a family outing instead. She was able to chose the painting and went with a very fluffy cupcake.
Our Bday2-001

I think they turned out great even though Leah was not very happy with hers. Little perfectionist.
Our Bday3

We had a great time in the process and ended up heading over to BJ’s for a tasty soda tasting and happy face potatoes before we consumed our birthday pizookies.
Our Bday1-001Our Bday4

Now I have eight year olds who started second grade a month ago. How did this happen so fast? I would love to figure out how to slow time down. Anyone have any tips on doing that?
Our Bday-002